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A premium personal training service for the individual or small group

RISE OCR Training and Fitness provides an array of challenges for any fitness level.  We focus on important areas such as functional training, endurance, strength, and running.

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Making a Positive Impact

The combination of Spartan SGX and personal training has allowed me to create training routines that are both dynamic, holistic, unique, and challenging for individuals.  Working with a diverse group of clients, I’ve come to realize that everybody is different, each with their own goals and lifestyle. I will construct a plan and training schedule according to your fitness experience and needs that will have you seeing phenomenal results.

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What is Spartan SGX?

Strength in Mind and Body

Fitness to a Spartan is about getting better. Becoming fit means picking an improvement goal and working towards it. The first step is just getting started on it. Wellness to a Spartan is also about finding enjoyment and meaning in each training day and in exercise itself. Improved fitness enhances our health, encompassing nutritious eating and restoring energy with the right amounts of recovery time and sleep. True health means achieving both self-mastery and developing meaningful connections with other people. To be in good health to a Spartan also means possessing the ability and desire to grow, learn and adapt.

Spartan SGX coaches offer personal training, small- and large-group classes indoors and outdoors, and in boxes, gyms and studios. Your coach will train you in three primary domains: Athleticism, Endurance and Strength. Coaches may integrate weight-bearing movements and back-to-basics equipment, from kettlebells to pull-up bars to sandbags. And you may also climb, row, run or spin, to build all-around fitness.

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