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Nayeem Ahmed
Jul 17, 2022
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In the Tokyo stop of his "Asian Tour", U.S. President Biden stated in front of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and the international media that "if China launches armed aggression, the United States will use force to defend Taiwan militarily." Although the pro-China media are busy trying to find various reasons to pick on Biden's language after hearing about it, they are deliberately trying to create a cognitive war of "Biden is just a slip of the tongue" or "The United States will not help Taiwan". However, the CCP’s strong response three times in two days (two times from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and one from the Taiwan Affairs photo retouching service Office of the State Council), as well as the overwhelming slurs and attacks by Chinese scholars and official media on the Taiwan and U.S. governments—the CCP’s frenzied and angry appearance has long been proven. The weight and impact of the pledge to "defend Taiwan" uttered by the President of the United States can be regarded as the most striking focus of Biden's "Asian trip", and it will even continue to change the politics of the Indo-Pacific region. The situation and future trends. Biden's "Taiwan Protection Theory" is a blow to the CCP that wants to replicate the "Russian-Ukraine situation" In China, military planes, warships, and various military means continue to use force to intimidate around Taiwan, and through various "little pinks", "five cents" and agents in Taiwan, they carry out endless cognitive warfare
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Nayeem Ahmed

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