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ohadul islamnaim
Jul 31, 2022
In Wellness Forum
Tsai Ing-wen's deputy in the end, the DPP will continue to job function email list maintain a complete government in the 2020 general election. However, on the one hand, Tsai Ing-wen used the position of vice president to "frame" Lai Qingde, the leader of the new trend of the South, on the other hand, let the Soviet leader Su Zhenchang continue to serve as the executive director, and arranged the leader of the National Assembly, You Xikun, as the legislative director. The fact that Lin Xiyao, who has dual roles of department and new trend department, serves as the secretary general of the party, shows the profound meaning of Tsai Ing-wen's balance of power. Whether this "faction balance, British first" bureau can be maintained into the "post-Tsai Ing-wen" era after 2024, after the DPP decides the 2022 county and mayor elections and the six capital candidates are recruited by the Party Central Committee, the British The survival of the department depends on the results of the election for the mayor of Liudu County. The DPP Central Committee nominated county mayors at the beginning of November, except for the ruling counties and cities whose two terms have expired, the rest are recruited by the Party Central Committee. The National Assembly headed by You Xikun expressed dissatisfaction with this, but the situation is stronger than others. At present, the ruling coalition composed of British, New Tide and Soviet factions is still operating smoothly, making it difficult for the National Assembly to stand alone. Under this system, Tsai Ing-wen has the absolute right to nominate, which is equivalent to the British faction that the battle for survival is directly scheduled for the 2022 local election. President Tsai waves to the performers at the National Day Congress Photo Credit: WebMD If the
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ohadul islamnaim

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