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sukanto Kuri
Jul 06, 2022
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For text, text design in graphic design is the most used symbol. For companies and individuals, the design of artistic fonts is the spirit of a company or individual name. For design elements, Chinese characters themselves are The greatest work of graphic design. 2. A summary of the traditional cultural effects of graphic design In graphic design, the effect of traditional culture is an important development factor today. Traditional culture is an important intangible cultural heritage that has been passed down for thousands of years in my country, such as Peking Opera, opera, festivals, etc. The reason why these elements are still Photo Manipulation Services remembered by us now is that It is derived from inheritance, and graphic design also plays an important role in the inheritance of traditional culture. The traditional cultural effect in graphic design can first make today's young people feel the depth of traditional culture, so as to like traditional culture, feel the charm of traditional culture, and combine traditional culture and modern elements to innovate design concepts. Secondly, for the older generation, the traditional cultural effect in graphic design is a driving force that drives the advanced concepts of the older generation, and the feeling of traditional culture also promotes the older generation to modern design elements and scientific products. The understanding and use of it will promote the modern life of the whole people. 3. Problems existing in graphic design 1. Problems with psychological effects in graphic design In graphic design, the driving of psychological effects is not deep enough. For elements and products, it does not deeply impress the psychology of consumers or viewers, and it does not have a good control over the emotions of viewers. The emotional expression of the work is not three-dimensional. For graphic design works, there is no intuitive emotional expression, so that the viewer cannot understand the meaning of the work well, the design elements are not prominent, and the collocation is not harmonious.

sukanto Kuri

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